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Reverse SEPP Calculator

Find Initial Balance Required - Enter the desired payment and the required initial balance will be calculated for each of the three options.

The purpose of this calculator is to help determine the amount that would be required to generate a specific annual payment. The calculations will give you the total value using each of the three methods that would have be designated as SEPP assets.

Remember, a portion of one or more of the IRAs may not be excluded in order to limit the periodic payment to a predetermined amount. PLR 9705033

Most input items are entered on the main SEPP Calculator input screen and are automatically transferred to this screen.

If Not Available appears rather than an amount, then it would take more than is available (Total IRA Account Value) using the selected method to produce the desired annual distribution. The Amortization method will produce the highest payment for the least SEPP value using the assumptions for Revenue Ruling 2002-62. SEPP Method: Select the type of payment to transfer back to the main input screen. The cash required entry will be transferred back to the main input screen as the amount allocated to the SEPP plan.

Desired Annual Payment: Enter the desired annual distribution from your SEPP Plan.


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